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Blue Azulen Soft Wax

Blue Azulen Soft Wax

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Blue Azulen Soft Wax

Light-textured wax made with first grade natural resin enriched with soothing blue chamomile extract. This formula is designed to spread thinly and easily delivering impeccable results with no irritation to sensitive skins. An ideal all-purpose wax, perfect for any waxing technique. (14 oz)

  1. Before waxing clean with Liquigel (pre-waxing gel lotion) and dry well areas to be waxed.
  2. Remove lid and place the wax can in the wax warmer
  3. After approximately 12 minutes, with a spatula, stir wax gently.  if the wax is hard, wait another 5 until a creamy texture is reached .
  4. Dip a spatula in the heated wax and wipe its underside on the edge of the jar
  5. Spread a thin layer of wax in direction of hair growth
  6. Apply a tissue strip over wax and smooth in direction of hair growth 2-3 times to help strip adhere
  7. With one hand, taut the skin and with the other hand, pull the strip with a firm movement, in the opposite direction of hair growth, keeping the strip close to skin
  8. After waxing, clean and hydrate skin with satinoil (post-waxing azulene oil) or Satinfeel (post-waxing-lotion)

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