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Neuderm-Aroma Pure Essential Oil 15ml Basil

Neuderm-Aroma Pure Essential Oil 15ml Basil

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Item #:NT810
Neuderm Pure Essential oil Basil

Basil essential oil is used for anything from headaches and period pain to colds and skincare. It is a practical and versatile oil for health and well-being. Ocimum basilicum, which, with its sweet and spicy aroma, takes its name from the Greek word for "king," was once so highly prized that it was considered king among plants.

Basil essential oil is used diluted with a carrier oil  to improve the tone and appearance of the skin. Its aroma is uplifting, awakening, clarifying and toning. It is a warming oil superb for mental and physical exhaustion. Basil's antispasmodic property has a beneficial action on the respiratory system. When using an oil burner or diffuser, it blends perfectly with eucalyptus,  geranium, lavender, lemon, rosemary, peppermint and tea tree.

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